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Please, please, please provide an "undo" option in Tower mode!

Love this game

This is a challenging, addicting word game. I wish Game Center integration was a bit better. Its hit or miss as to whether your high scores and badges will be added to Game Center. Got credit for 1000 point word in the app, but no achievement showed up in GC. Same thing happened with 10 letter word achievement. Had to wait until I got my 2nd 10 letter word for the achievement badge. Doesnt seem to keep score accurately in Game Center. Would be nice to know how words are scored too. Prefer playing on iPad as there is no undo on this Game and even though my fingers are small, I can accidentally touch the wrong tiles to make a word I didnt intend to make. Im sure the developer will make this right. In the meantime, buy it you wont be disappointed.

Fun, but broken multiplayer since iOS 7

Good game, though the dictionary set needs to be better defined with regards to proper nouns, etc. as stated in other reviews. However, I cant give a good rating because multiplayer doesnt work on iOS 7 and thats my favorite part of the game! A fix was promised, where is it?

Multi player does not work

Dont buy this if you want all its advertised features to work. Almost two years and no fixes.

Good game with some flaws

As word games go, this is a good one. Each variation feels like a whole new game, so its a bargain. What keeps it from being great? Lots of little balance and flow problems. Qs are useless if not next to a U (should have had a single "Qu" tile). Better words delete more letters, giving you fewer opportunities for points; its essentially a penalty for doing well. Similarly, in Rush mode you rapidly get all these tiles that have to be used in 6+ letter words, which often isnt possible; the difficulty progressions is too steep. Still, its lots of fun, and I got my $2 worth.

Love the game

Really addictive in the more advanced modes. Only improvements would be 1) make the top iPad/iPhone bar visible so you can see the time (easy to forget if you have an appointment) and 2) resume games across devices (iPhone to iPad or vice versa). Otherwise its a great game. Love the game, but not being able to see the clock at the top is a real drawback.

Multiplayer problem

Fun game...the multiplayer use to work...but for some reason it just wont work anymore ..I use to play with my wife but from one day to the other it just stopped connecting for multiplayer use.

Used to be good

Theres no support for this game. Theyve abandoned it. Used to be a great game. Now debate mode (multiplayer) wont work. App looks for and recognizes the other device, but never starts the game. So you cant play multiplayer, only solo, and its been this way for an unacceptably long time. Stay away. Too bad.

Fun but repetitive

Loved it, but admittedly it gets redundant after a while

Was a five star rating until the last update

I totally loved this app and was seriously addicted. I shared it with a friend while on a trip and he loved it too. He actually went out to buy an iPad for playing this game and is the only reason. After the update which made all the letters smaller I HATED IT. I dont play it anymore and I told my friend about the update so he actually refused to down load the update his because of the changes to the game. Your developers screwed up on this one. That has been nearly a year and I expected more people to complain and your developers to restore it so the size of is letters are larger again. I have no vision issues, it is about grasping the letters to make words. I cant tell you hoe much I miss this game. It has gone from best to bust!

Lost my high score

I am addicted to this game. But I got a new iPhone and opened spell tower and my previous high score of 13,589 was gone. I had to start all over again. What is that about?? Not happy.

Whered you go?

I really like(d) this game (past tense because havent played in a while). Yeah, it could get frustrating (odd words, seemingly inconsistent placement of numbered blocks), but it was still cool. But...but...but...whered you go? Its been just short of 2 years(!) since any updates/information. Dont let this die, please! Come back!

Great game RUINED by Game Center

Devs - please strip out the Game Center screens for this, or give players an option to turn it off. It ruins this game for me to have to constantly wait for Game Center to load so I can cancel it EVERY TIME I LAUNCH THE GAME.

Kill Game Center

I only play this game in single player mode. The invitation to sign on to game center every time I bring up the board is intrusive and tedious, to say the least. I loved the game before this "feature" was added. Please give us an option to disable this not-so-kind invitation.

If I had a penny for every word this game doesnt know

I used to love this game. Dont know what Im doing wrong but it now seems the stored word capacity is woefully incomplete.

Warning: OS Updates Will Wipe Out Your Score!

Ive played Spelltower for a while. I was up to 116,000 when I updated iOS, which erased my score. Build in a save-score doohickey, and Ill give this game five stars.

Two player doesnt work.

Been happy with this solo app for a long while but now the Bluetooth connection for two players will not connect. Flawed!

Good game except in Puzzle Mode

There needs to be a "Done" button. Puzzle mode never ends. When youve gotten to the point where there are no more words available, you are stuck. The only way to end it is by adding rows. Which feels like committing suicide. Ive deleted this game from my device in frustration before. Puzzle mode needs a better resolution option.

I lost everything with the update!!

What happened?! When I updated my devices, this game being on both, it erased everything! All my progress, all my scores, everything! I love this game and have been playing for over a year now, and lost everything with the update. What the helk!! Not so pumped to play it like I used to. Real bummer.


Amazing app. Super fun and addicting. Worth the money. One of my favorite apps Ive ever played before. Get it today!

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