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Nice game !

I Hope youll add new langage : Es,Fr,Ita...


Very beautiful game, Nice idea, really! But really need language French for more fun!! Please add new Languages!!!

Okay, but not groundbreaking

Your average wordgame, at least the dictionary contains most of the four letter words missing in other titles. Its okay for a short moment but lacks the fun of replayability seen in other games and the balance does not feel completely right.

Most Entertaining Word Game

Thank you for porting this great game to iPhone. I would have had to buy an iPad just because I wanted to play this game!


Beautifully designed game. What Im missing are local statistics containing all the words youve ever used (and how many times youve used them) sorted alphabetically or by length.

Get it now :)

Really awesome game that exercises your brain and is addictive as hell. Good update as well!!

Other languages???

What happened to the update with the other announced languages?

Great app!!

So much fun; love all the different options-it is 4 games in one!

Wonderful Game!

Ive had hours of fun with SpellTower—cant put it down. One suggestion — can you please make it work when I rotate my iPad to landscape orientation? My case only allows the iPad to stand up in landscape — in portrait orientation, its awkward to hold the iPad in that position for an extended period. Other than that—its awesome. People constantly approach me in public and ask for the name of the App!


My wife really likes this game and so do I. Awesome fun game.

Great game

This is a fun game that gets addictive pretty fast! Good time killer for sure.

Very Addictive

Great word game, one of the best Ive played to date. Very different approaches required in the different modes, which is rare amount word games. One thing Ive noticed with this version though is that it seems to chew through a lot battery on my iPad 2. Probably nothing to worry about as its likely something that the game dev can fix at some point. Two thumbs up from. Word geek. Some of the Game Center high scores seem quite out there though so not sure if there is a cheat or something else as Im not sure it would even be possible to get close to some of the scores listed (hundreds of thousands of points? Did you play it for a year non stop???)

No sound?

Any idea why I cant hear sounds in this game anymore? Just stopped working. Ive checked all my settings and turned it up to 100% in the game options. Help! Not the same without sound. Love this game.

Great game but you Need an undo!

I really really like this game but would LOVE it if there was an "undo" key. Id settle for a "replay" key Often enough when playing I make a move that had unforeseen consequences and I end up blowing a strategy i had planned. In these instances Id love to have a chance to take the move back or at least try the whole board over again. In addition, occasionally my finger slips while trying to find a good word and I end again blowing a great opportunity. Fix this and the game will be perfect!

Not bad

A good game overall. I think the game should end not when it reaches the top, but when it goes over by one line. Reason is that there could be letters in that last line that would save the game, and its a bit unfair to not be able to use those. Also maybe improve the algorithm a little. Ive had many games with all similar letters clumped together, most of which have 5 or 6 letter requirements. Otherwise an addictive game.

Learn New Words

I played this everyday until it was updated and would no longer work on my Touch 2nd Gen. but now that I finally have a 4th Gen. it might work its way back onto my Touch.

Really fun!

This game is really fun if you like spelling and search games. Only issue for me is that the tiles are a bit small on the iPhone... and I have small fingers!


I really enjoy this game. I would like to see more multiplayer game options. I have no issue with playing on my iPhone or iPad, I dont have small fingers and still play well.


How do you connect the multiplayer devices?

Great word game

Love this game. Ive whiled away more than a few hours playing it. Time well spent. Good way to unwind and take your mind off work stress.

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